What Could Your Life Look Like In 5 Years?

Ever wondered how much different your life might look in 5 years if you started real estate today?

Well, let’s do an experiment, shall we? Don’t worry this will only take a couple of minutes… and there are no release forms to sign.

Real Estate:

Imagine for a minute that you went and immediately started the process to get your license. If you were determined, in just a couple of months, you could have your classes completed, take your exam, and be signed up with a broker. That would leave 9-10 months left that you still have in your 1st year!

From here, you might take some amazing training courses with a great company… aka Keller Williams Realty and start laying the groundwork for your real estate business. You would sell a few homes but likely make less in the first year than you are right now if you have a decent-paying job.

In your second year, your confidence and skills would grow because you would start getting the hang of it. As a result, you’d sell significantly more homes and make much more money than you did the first year. In fact, you might be so busy that you hire your first assistant so you can focus more on your high-income producing activities.

Things are looking good here.


If you stay with your current job, things might go well, and the pay could be good, but you might feel dissatisfied or even slightly bored. What’s even worse, you work hard but each year you keep making the same amount as the year before.

Basically, if you stay with your job you are looking at more of the same. Sure it will be easier, but it won’t be nearly as rewarding or exciting.

Real Estate:

Now you are in your 3rd year of real estate and are rocking and rolling. Your database list of past and current clients is growing and growing and now more of your business is actually coming from referrals rather than you having to prospect. You feel good enough to grow your small team to add another assistant to focus on the marketing side and hire your first buyer’s agent so you can focus exclusively on working with sellers – the true leveraged activity.

As your team grows, your income and quality of life continue to grow as well.

By year 5, you are running your own real estate team and have converted your job into a true real estate business.


5 years later you are still working for the same company, although perhaps you received a promotion so your job is slightly different now and you’re making a little more money. Life isn’t too bad, but it’s not as good as it could be either. And you can’t stop wondering where you might be if you had started doing real estate five years ago…


Take some time to think about these two paths and apply them to your situation. Which one of these sounds better to you? Remember, if you don’t do something to change, then your life won’t change either. You could either make the leap and get started with your new life or put it off and wait… and wait… and wait…

Don’t be the person 5 years from now who wonders what could have been. A great life is possible for you to even sooner than you might have imagined. Getting started in real estate is a big step, but it’s one you won’t regret!

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