What We Do
Hone your skills and be set up for success.
Learn, change, grow & live a big life with us.
Be apart of something BIGGER!

Who We Are

Buyer’s Agent

A Buyer’s Agent is relationship-driven, patient and the professional home buyers look to for guidance. They effectively manage...

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Listing Agents

A Listing Specialist is a production driven individual who is dedicated to relationship-building. They are committed to research and...

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Inside Sales Associates

Inside Sales Associates are motivated individuals who are energetic and interactive. They possess excellent phone skills they use to...

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Operations Department

There are a lot of different roles in the Operations Department. They include runners, marketing, client care, listing coordination and...

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We Train Agents to Sell More Homes

Are you tired of the roller coaster income in real estate? Are you ready to get serious and follow the path to success?

We can help! Learn how to become the best of the best in Central Indiana. Let’s dream BIG together!

What’s in it for ME?

The bottom line is: What do you get from TREP? (That’s our nickname for The Real Estate Pros.)

It’s okay to ask… we’d worry if you didn’t want to know what’s in it for you!

We believe that agents should take care of income producing activities. We call it their 20%. Since 20% of your activities produce 80% of your results, those activities should always come first, right?

Yes, the other 80% needs to be handled too, but your concentration should always be on the income producing activities. After all, that’s why you got into real estate – to make money.

Taking care of your 80% is where the team comes in… look at it this way. Different people are better at different things. We all excel at something. People have a tendency to do their best in certain areas, average in other areas and dread even other areas!

When you can concentrate on what you do best and learn to master it, you grown as an individual and in your business. That’s gold!

We like to find out what you’re good at and then help you excel. Whether it’s selling real estate, spreadsheets, caring for clients, talking on the phone – whatever! Our team is made up of people who do what they do best and get support from others doing what they do best.

That’s a Win-Win for all concerned!


Are you missing the training you need to crush it in Real Estate? Need direction, support and an actionable plan? Then you are in the right place!


Our goal is give you the tools necessary so you may live your big dreams and big life – join us and see how we do it.

Why Choose Us?

Clients Come First

For The Real Estate Pros, jaw dropping client service is our #1 priority. We love people (and pets, too!)

Expert Support & Training

We have a first rate training system for both new and seasoned agents and admin to set you up for success!

Trusted Brands & Marketing

The Keller Williams name is synonymous with treust, character, growth and results. The Real Estate Pros are committed to our team and success.

Our Skills

The #1 Traning Organization in the workd knows the skills Agents and Admin alike, need to be suffessful. If you are learning based, we are a great fit!

Lead Generation & Follow Up

The Difference

Keller Williams stands out from all other real estate firms in many ways, yet there are key areas that define us as an industry innovator and leader.

  • Education & Training
  • Technology & Marketing
  • Wealth Building
  • Culture

Keller Williams & TREP Culture is to value people above all else. Isn’t that the way it should be?

The Real Estate Pros - Heather Upton

TREP Team Leadership

Michelle Frazier
Michelle Frazier
Lead Agent
Heather Upton
Heather Upton
Team Owner/CEO
Mandee Sears
Mandee Sears
Director of Operations